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D series smart led display portable lead-free soldering iron with sleep function 60w 90w 110w

  • class: New Thermostat Soldering iron
    power: 60w/90w/110w
    origin: china
    port: shenzhen
    model: D110
    customization: logo customization
1. Plug in&out type four-core ceramic heating Cartridge, the temperature is more accurate,heat faster, and the replacement is quick and convenient.
2. The high temperature sleeve is made of special materials and heat-insulating technology.the handler is not hot and comfortable to hold.
3. The handle button adopts the embedded design button, which is firm and does not fall off, feels comfortable and operates freely.
4. The 110w soldering iron adopt the latest cut-off type power switch,over high and over low voltage self-protection function.
5. You can set the sleep time period freely (5 minutes~30 minutes) . The sleep temperature drops to 80 °C. If you do not use this soldering iron for 120 minutes, it will automatically shut down.
6. It is very rapid to back to the set temperature. It just takes 8 seconds heating.
7. Professional (LCD backlight, function password lock, sleep function, with 900M series soldering iron head).
Model CXG D60 CXG D90 CXG D110
Power 60w 90w 110w
Temperature range 80-500℃(176-932℉)
Heating rate 350℃/8s
Temperature Stability +-1℃
Replenishment temperature +-50°C
Soldering tip 900M Series tip
High temprature set of head GP4
Delicated Exothermic Material Core 110v A1326D A1329D A13211D
220v A1316D A1319D A13111D
Power Supply AC220V/50Hz    AC110V/60Hz
Welding nozzle earth impedance under 2 Ω
Welding nozzle earth voltage under 2 mv
this  product is protected against electrostatic discharge

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